Our Doulas

$60/hr Min. Booking for 18hrs

Anna is devoted to providing care that promotes thriving through transformative life events. Her passion for supporting families through birth and the postpartum time stems from belief in and dedication to autonomy, process, and growth. She is a skilled listener and a warm and empathetic presence.

She has been a birth and postpartum doula since 2012 and a certified lactation counselor since 2013. Her own two postpartum experiences were deeply transformational, with unique challenges and growth opportunities. She brings ease and reverence to postpartum families, working with nature’s design and addressing all facets of well being for the whole family.


“We couldn’t have made a better choice for our family. The postpartum doula will be with you all through those sensitive, tough and amazing early days. I can’t emphasize enough how wonderful it is to look back now with gratitude at the support Anna provided. Anna eased the transition into parenthood but also empowered us to become the parents we were ready to be. She is the best.”

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