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Seasoned Postpartum Doula

$60/postpartum visit

$50/hr for overnight visits (extra fee for twins)

Cloe is a doula and a mother of one.  The native new yorker has a background of early childhood education, and has worked in childcare for over 10 years.  After beginning the journey to start her family she fell in love with doula work.  Having support through birth and postpartum made Cloe want to be that support for other families.  She quickly found her passion as a postpartum doula and uses her background to help you in the transition to early parenthood.

Cloe is there to offer information and guidance during the “no one ever told me about this” parts of parenthood.  She uses current evidence based advice to help you through the early months of postpartum, she is also there as a companion to you during a time that can feel isolating. Cloe prioritizes mental health and self care in postpartum, she draws on her own experience to help clients normalize asking for help. As a mother herself she understands the value of support through anything from feeding schedules to postpartum healing.


“Cloe was a pleasure to work with and absolutely fantastic with our newborn daughter. She was incredibly helpful and patient as she coached us and answered all of our questions through the early days of being new parents. Looking back, her support was an important and necessary part of our postpartum journey.”

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