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Elyse and Shelby


Elyse is a Full Spectrum Doula and Certified Lactation Support Counselor. She is also trained in Queer and Trans Reproductive Support. Prior to becoming a doula, she worked as a nanny for five years, and with parents and teenagers in the foster care system for four years.

Elyse believes that birth is an event to be studied and quantified so that we can know the safest practices for birthing people. She also believes that birth can be mysterious, magical, and joyful, a threshold space where life enters the world – and adults are born as parents. Elyse is a grounded presence in high-intensity environments, loves to laugh, and firmly believes that your identities are precious and should be celebrated and uplifted.

When she’s not doula-ing, Elyse loves spending time outside in nature, birding and looking for mushrooms. Her favorite bird is a belted kingfisher. She also loves karaoke in Koreatown, reading, and baking things that look terrible but taste good.


Shelby is a certified Birth Doula through Carriage House Birth and soon to be certified Childbirth Educator serving families in NYC. She believes that birth can be approached from a place of knowledge and empowerment. Shelby acts as a guide and will help you navigate all the preparation and education needed in order to arrive at the day of your birth calm and confident. She creates a judgment-free zone where her clients are able to explore what is fully possible in their birth and be the author of their own stories.

Shelby lives in Queens with her fiancé and their puppy. In her free time she practices mindfulness, yoga, and herbalism.  She loves novels, country music, and wedding planning!  Shelby had a previous career in Film & TV Production and worked in the costume department on shows including “GIRLS”, “Orange is the New Black”, “You”, and many more.

Birth and Extended Postpartum Support Package: $2,200

  • Phone/text/email support from the time of hiring

  • 2 prenatal sessions

  • Continuous support throughout the duration of your labor

  • 4 postpartum visits (up to 3 hrs each) throughout the first month postpartum

Birth Support Package: $1,800

  • Phone/text/email support from the time of hiring

  • 2 prenatal sessions

  • Continuous support throughout the duration of your labor

  • 2 postpartum check-ins within two weeks after birth


We love Shelby and can’t say enough fantastic things about her!  She was absolutely essential to us having such a positive birth experience, from administering practical techniques such as hip squeezes to just being a positive, kind, and friendly presence who was a blast to hang out with. We don’t say that lightly; we believe that having someone there who’s just a positive force is equally as important as someone who has a ton of expertise when it comes to labor and delivery, and Shelby delivers on both fronts. From the beginning, she was attentive to our specific needs and completely dedicated to helping us come up with a birth plan that made sense for us. She was also excellent at communicating with our OB/GYN, PAs, and nurses — all of whom had wonderful things to say about it. So yeah, bottom line is that if you’re looking for a doula, Shelby rocks and we give her the highest-possible recommendation…and then some!  – Dan

I was so thrilled to have Elyse as my doula. We connected on a personal level right away, and she was great about staying in touch and checking in leading up to birth. At the hospital she was just the kind of calm support needed with snacks, massage, encouragement, and deep care. I highly recommend her! -Chelsea

Shelby provided tremendous support and guidance that I needed as I was getting to the end of the journey.  The sessions we had felt like I was meeting a long time friend. She guided me through my fears and played an awesome playlist during labor. My partner’s touch was nice, but her touch was much needed!  She has great, pure energy.  – Clare

Elyse was instrumental in making me feel both more informed and less apprehensive about the labor, delivery, and postpartum phases of my pregnancy. She addressed my concerns and made me feel reassured and well educated about what to expect, and what could happen. She was incredibly supportive during my time in the hospital, offering tools and resources to ease labor and to prepare me for delivery. She also provided excellent reading materials to address questions I had, and referrals for my aftercare. – Elizabeth

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