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Jaime and Christine

Seasoned Doula Teams (51-150 births attended)


Birth and Postpartum Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor, Certified Childbirth Educator
Experience: Hypnobirth, Single parents, LGBTQ families, Homebirth, Hospital births

Christine (she/her), is a Queens native living in East Elmhurst with her husband and two children whose transformational births made her want to be a doula. Christine is a Full Spectrum Doula focused on birth support. She is trained in Hypnobabies and is also a Certified Breastfeeding Counselor and Certified Childbirth Educator. Past clients have told her that she brings a calm, positive energy to births and that she is a strong advocate for her clients’ wishes.

Her goal is for her clients to have agency and autonomy over their births and emerge feeling powerful and ready to tackle parenthood. She prides herself on being a resource and listening ear to her clients long after their birth experience. She holds a BA and MA in International Relations. When she’s not delving into birth work and reproductive justice, she is probably knitting.


Birth and Postpartum Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor
Experience: Hypnobirth, Single parents, LGBTQ families, Homebirth, Hospital births, people with mood disorders

Jaime is a Full Spectrum Doula with a focus in Birth. She believes everyone’s journey is unique. She meets her clients where they are and provides non-judgemental support every step of the way. Her work is driven by a passion for all birthing people to feel empowered and in control of their birth experiences. She encourages her clients to trust in their instincts and equips them with the tools to make the most informed decisions in their care.

Jaime is also a Certified Lactation Counselor, is trained in Hypnobabies, and works as a Birth Assistant for a Homebirth Midwife.

Born and raised in New York City, Jaime has three children of her own whose very different birth stories have helped shape the philosophy that drives her work.

Standard Package:

  • In-person Birth Support: $2,400

Birth support packages include:

  • Phone/text/email support from the time of hiring
  • 2 prenatal sessions
  • Continuous support throughout the duration of your labor
  • 2 postpartum check-ins within two weeks after birth


“Christine is an amazing person and the best doula one can imagine. We’re so glad we had her at our side when we went to the hospital. Our goal was to give a natural birth, preferably without medication, and the fact that Christine was with us made all the difference that night. Without her timely intervention and advice that guided us, I have no idea which direction things would have gone. We checked in that evening and the labor continued until morning and baby arrived in the late morning. Throughout the night, I was able to hold it together through the contractions and the pain thanks wholly to Christine’s positive encouragement, small exercises, massages, care and skill, and her comforting words. She made the entire process much more simple, smooth, positive, meaningful and natural. If she had not been there with us, I absolutely would not have had the birth that we had preferred. When we look back on our surprisingly positive birth experience, we realize that having Christine by our side was the best decision we ever made, because it was a true game-changer in every way.” – Tsering

“My husband and I think Jamie is professional, personable, knowledgeable, empathetic and intuitive. She’s also an all around badass! Jaime constantly reminded me that I had a choice — a say in how I envisioned my labor and delivery. With Jaime’s help, I took my time when making decisions, and I advocated for myself. Jaime brought a calming and relaxing energy to my labor. She helped me with my exercises and encouraged me to rest when needed. Because I was in good hands, my husband was also able to rest. Jaime also brought levity to my labor and delivery by distracting me from the pain. She held my hand through it all, providing me solid support. I really felt like she was on my side, always. I was lucky to have Jaime at my daughter’s birth. Thank you, Jaime! You were amazing!” – Cassandra

“During the labor and delivery, Christine was everything I needed in a doula. She was my advocate, a gentle touch, a calm force and a friend! She was essential to my birth team. Post birth, Christine made sure I was confident with my breastfeeding experience and she was always just a text away if we needed anything. She truly is an angel and is doing a job that is essential, in all sense of the word. We are forever grateful to Christine, and would partner with her again in a heartbeat.” – Kelsey

“Jaime was amazing from the day we met her onward. She is easy to talk to and asks great questions to get to know what is important to her clients. I really felt like she sought to understand what we wanted out of our experience and she gave us support before during and after to help make that happen. In our case, we ended up having a really long induction that ended up in a c-section, which was not what we wanted to happen but Jaime was there supporting us through it all – even when it was running into a 3 day event! Her presence in the hospital was so reassuring – she knew to give me a heads up at different stages about what was coming next and sure enough the medical staff did exactly what she predicted. We had to make some hard decisions in the moment, including eventually going with an epidural and ultimately the c-section. With each decision I had to make, Jaime helped me understand my rights and what my options were. For example, I wanted to wait as long as I could with the epidural even though the nurses kept pushing it, and Jaime always let me know that it was ok if I wanted to wait. It’s so reassuring to have someone there with an objective and knowledgeable perspective who is on your side – especially in the hospital. Jaime also was completely non-judgemental – when I made the decision to move forward with the epidural for example, she was still there supporting me and helping me to continue to deal with how the labor was progressing. Ultimately, Jaime was extremely punctual and responsive – through texts if I had questions as well as when I finally called her to come to the hospital because I needed support through the increasingly painful contractions – she was there right away. Even with a labor that ended up being induced, medicated, and ended in a c-section, Jaime was extremely helpful, supportive and kind and we were so glad she was there with us through it all.” – Liz

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