Our Doulas


Seasoned Doula (26-75 births attended)


Birth Doula, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher

Experience with: VBAC, LGBTQ families, BIPOC families, home birth, hospital birth, unmedicated birth, high risk pregnancies

Jessica’s ultimate goal as a doula is to provide the birthing person with an abundance of support, nourishment, and resources throughout their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Mindfulness and trauma-informed practices greatly inform her approach to both birth work and yoga. As Jessica likes to say, she has “one foot in woo, one foot in medicine”, in that she understands there is no one way to birth a baby, and every birth is simply its own unique event. She supports hospital births, unmedicated hospital births, homebirths, VBACs, high risk pregnancies, inductions, unplanned caesareans and planned caesareans. Inclusivity and diversity is embodied into how she functions as a birth worker, as well as bringing a sense of humor, grounding presence, attentiveness and emotional awareness to each of her clients.

She lives in Brooklyn (Park Slope) where you can often find her hanging out in the park after a birth. Jessica feels honored to be sharing the birth space with families as they transition into the world of parenthood.

Birth Support Package: $2,400

  • Phone/text/email support from the time of hiring
  • 3 prenatal sessions
  • Continuous support throughout the duration of your labor
  • 2 postpartum check-ins

Sliding Scale Community Support: $2,000-2,400

* Jessica offers sliding scale community support in the following situations: single parents, teen parents, people who are unemployed or underemployed, and members of the BIPOC and/or LGBTQ+ community.  When  you pay our standard fees, you are supporting a fair, living wage  aligned with our level of experience and education. When you pay a  sliding scale, you are allowing your community to hold and support you.  Both are acceptable ways of participating and we are honored to be a  part of your journey. Everyone deserves a doula’s support and care. 


“We were absolutely thrilled with the level of service and support that Jessica provided us. As first time parents, we were nervous about the childbirth and labor experience. We connected immediately at our zoom meeting with her easy-going nature asking us lots of important questions. At our first in-person meeting, Jessica went above and beyond to lead a personal childbirth class, explaining the stages of labor, different pain management techniques and postpartum care as well. We were impressed with her professionalism and all the skills she brought to the labor room. She checked in daily during the last over due week of pregnancy and after my midwife appointments, sending me tips on how to induce naturally. She showed up to the hospital earlier than expected when my contractions became intense. During those painful harrowing hours, Jessica used many of the pain management tools and tricks she brought with her. She fulfilled my request, taking the initiative to be hands-on as she tried various pressure point, massage, and other soothing techniques during my contractions. She worked well with my fiancé. It was a total team effort and her contributions were priceless. During my restful period after the epidural, Jessica remained by our side, passing the time talking with her pleasant personality and helping me change positions in bed. She advocated for me when the time came to discuss the cesarean option, ensuring I was allowed to have my music and skin-to-skin with the baby among other things. At our postpartum meetup, we reviewed the labor, my pregnancy and current postpartum experience with baby home. She brought me delicious homemade lactation energy balls and made us the most beautiful Birth Story that detailed our entire experience at the hospital. We are beyond pleased that we chose to work with Jessica and have her share in welcoming our daughter.” – Veronica T.

“Working with Jessica made my birth and postpartum experience so wonderful. She was exactly what I needed during the birth- a calm and steady presence who encouraged me to keep going and to know that I was taken care of and safe. I couldn’t have done it without her! I had severe postpartum anxiety after my first son, and with this pregnancy I wanted to set myself up for success with support. Jessica was my postpartum doula as well, and her weekly visits nourished me on so many different levels. Having her support allowed me to navigate the postpartum period with confidence knowing I was being taken care of and supported so well. Everyone needs a Jessica!!!! Thank you so much for bringing your deep care and support to my family. Thank you.” – Sarah V. 

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