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$60/hr Min. Booking for 18hrs

$200/cooking visits

Seasoned Postpartum Doula, Certified Breastfeeding Counselor, Childbirth Educator

The postpartum period is such a special time for a family. Bringing home the newest member (s) changes everything! Kate loves to help new parents while they get adjusted to their new addition. She will provide a safe space to hear how your birth went and evidence based, judgement-free, support. Kate is a new mother herself who appreciates just how crucial help is in this time. She can do daily tasks like cleaning, helping with older kids or pets, laundry, etc. so you can rest, eat, or just bond with baby. She can help with newborn care and feeding. She also loves to cook delicious, nutritious meals to promote healing. Kate would be happy to nurture you and your growing family!


“Kate was a wonderful doula from prenatal visits to postpartum! I felt supported during the entire journey of pregnancy into new parenthood. I particularly appreciated Kate’s sense of humor, her groundedness, and her knowledge of labor and birth. I had a very long labor and she supported me the entire time which empowered me to feel calm and capable through labor and delivery. My partner was also very thankful to be able to share caring for me with someone who had been through the birth process before.” – Emily H.

“We were lucky to have Kate help us out through the postpartum period. She came in confident and took over and that was really needed, can’t stress having the professional support enough. She was great with our baby and made lots of yummy foods, would highly recommend Kate to anyone looking for support!! You won’t regret it.” – Dahlia G.

“Getting meal prep from Doula K8 was one of the best choices our family made in the haze of the postpartum period! We had a meal train and were so grateful for it, but nothing really beat the sense of peace and nourishment we got from being fed by Kate. It was especially great to have a thorough conversation with her before she cooked anything where she asked about our preferences, restrictions, nutritional needs and goals. As the breast feeding parent, I was hungry ALL THE TIME and my partner was struggling to juggle his own new parent feelings and transition, going back to work, and trying to cook for both of us. The meal prep service was not only delicious and convenient, it helped eliminate a source of tension and that is priceless in those early postnatal months!” – Nicolette D.

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