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Seasoned Postpartum Doula, Newborn Care Specialist, CLC

$60/hr Min. Booking for 18hrs

$200/cooking visits

Maria’s own struggles as a first time mom twenty-three years ago inspired her to become the postpartum doula she wished she had. With deep empathy and respect, she understands the feelings of fear and self-doubt that may overshadow the joy of a new baby and wants the parents she supports to know they are being seen and heard. As a postpartum doula, certified lactation counselor and newborn care specialist, she provides guidance on all feeding choices, teaches infant care, is on hand to answer questions and is always observing to make sure everything is going well. She helps keep the house in order by assisting with errands, the dishes and laundry, and as a seasoned home cook and aspiring postpartum chef, will cook up a storm if you let her!

Maria’s sense of humor and cheerful manner puts families at ease as they find their footing. Her mission is to be the relief that allows them to stay connected and enjoy this fleeting postpartum period together.


“Having a calm and grounded presence like Maria with me (sometimes as early as 6 am!) brought me back into myself. She helped reconnect me to my body and allowed the spirit of the moment to flourish, so I did not miss a minute of the beauty that was right before my eyes. She taught me how to soothe my daughter, how to position and latch her for optimal feeding. She provided me the opportunity for blessed sleep. As my fears subsided, my postpartum experience filled with magic, joy, and growth. I felt a part of something very special and loving, not isolating or frightening.”

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