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Her philosophy is simple; there is no wrong way to birth as long as your choices and decisions through the journey are being heard and respected. In working together, Rachel hopes to co-create the vision for how you would like to feel during your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience. She loves helping families move through this time creating confidence in deciding what feels right for them!


BIRTH PACKAGE: $2,800-$3,300

Birth and Postpartum Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor, Integrative Lactation & Feeding Specialist, Community Lactation and Childbirth Educator
Experience with: single parents, LGBTQIA2S+ families, VBAC, low intervention, homebirth, twins, high risk, placenta encapsulation and prints

Rachel’s approach to supporting families is rooted in mindfulness – working with the tools we already have to help us stay grounded and present in the moment; providing calm stability to help families respond and pivot through anything that may arise along the way. Her goal is to help ease you through this transformational time, offering evidence-based resources and education to help demystify the experience.

During her own birth journey, she felt the importance of comfort that comes with continuous emotional and physical support of a doula. The non-judgmental and loving care she received, along with the deep, genuine connection she makes with her clients, is what draws her into this work. She is passionate about weaving joy and confidence into birth stories and brings an open mind and loving heart to her work.

Rachel began her work as a doula in 2017 and has supported dozens of families throughout NYC and New Jersey. She has been a Brooklyn resident since 2004 and lives one block away from Prospect Park with her child, Simone, and dog, Elfie.

Birth and Extended Postpartum Support Package: $3,300

  • Phone/text/email support from the time of hiring
  • 3 prenatal sessions
  • Continuous support throughout the duration of your labor
  • 4 postpartum visits (up to 3 hrs each) throughout the first month postpartum

Birth Support Package: $2,800

  • Phone/text/email support from the time of hiring
  • 3 prenatal sessions
  • Continuous support throughout the duration of your labor
  • 2 postpartum check-ins within two weeks after birth

Sliding Scale Community Support*

  • In-person Birth Support: $2,400-2,800

Rachel offers sliding scale community support in the following situations: single parents, teen parents, people who are unemployed or underemployed, and members of the BIPOC and/or LGBTQ+ community. When you pay our standard fees, you are supporting a fair, living wage aligned with our level of experience and education. When you pay a sliding scale, you are allowing your community to hold and support you. Both are acceptable ways of participating and we are honored to be a part of your journey. Everyone deserves a doula’s support and care.


“Rachel was genuinely caring and invested in my birth from the moment we invited her to be our doula. Her calming and compassionate nature towards me, and her specifically inclusive attitude towards my husband made the birth process so much more comfortable for my family. Having Rachel present for such an important day in our lives was a decision we’d gladly make again!” – Tabatha, Rodolfo and Celia

“I do not want to imagine what my birth process would have been without Rachel. Our hospital and doctors recommended a doula, and during COVID as first time parents, the idea of having someone experienced on our side was a real comfort. We had two prenatal visits with Rachel where we went over what we wanted, and what we should be thinking about that we didn’t know we should be. Rachel immediately got our “vibe” and made sure we knew that we were in control of the experience and gave us the keys to know when to ask questions and be our own best advocates. I ended up laboring at home for several hours (Rachel was on the phone with me for a good portion of it) before going to the hospital in the middle of the night, where we confirmed my water broke, and Rachel met us shortly after. It happened to be a particularly busy night and we were stuck in triage for a while. Rachel was a godsend. She was able to stand in when my husband needed a little break, and came supplied with snacks, ginger candies and face wipes to help stave off the early labor side effects. After 20 hours in labor, I experienced issues with my epidural and Rachel there to coach me through breathing and dealing with the pain, all while helping my husband provide the best support (physically and emotionally). She identified when I needed to take deep breaths to help the baby’s heart rate, and connected with the nurses/doctors when she knew I needed their attention. She gave me the tools to be my own advocate, and when I said I was ready to push, she backed me up even if the nurse didn’t think I was. Turns out we were right, and the baby ended up coming out before the doctor even got into the room! Rachel stuck around, took some great pictures of our new family and kept us in the loop with everything that was happening to me and the baby after birth. Rachel was the perfect combination of a guide map and friend to make us feel supported and as much in the know as possible. 10/10 would recommend and wouldn’t have another baby without her.” – Lauren, Ian and Nolan

“Rachel went above and beyond in her support and loving kindness in helping bring our baby girl, Frida, into the world. As a first time mother I had concerns and expectations about what my labor experience would be like. Rachel, first and foremost, listened to our needs and goals and reinforced confidence that I had the strength and focus I would need for whatever my labor would entail. She did not force her own agenda but gently made informed suggestions and always with a wonderful warm energy. Needless to say I had a long and difficult labor experience and I can’t imagine having the strength to endure it if it wasn’t for Rachel. When I was confronting my greatest challenge and felt stressed by just being in the hospital she made space for me to refocus and assure me I had the strength to continue. This was just what I needed. I felt overwhelmed by all that was happening around me in the hospital and she was there to remind me to breathe and center myself. She also made sure my partner had everything he needed. After the labor and delivery she was there to follow up several times postpartum. Rachel went above and beyond our expectations and we consider her family.” – Emily, Michael and Frida

“The process of finding a doula felt like a daunting task to me. To find someone to support you through one of the most intense and important and personal experiences in life is hard but the thought that this person will start out as a stranger made it feel even more stressful. It takes a lot for me to trust someone and I’m not very easy to win over. I interviewed 8 doulas before finding Rachel and she was by far the person I felt was not only trustworthy but empathetic, knowledgeable, and balanced. I am happy to report that she was not only these attributes but also fun and natural. She knew what to do when and what to say and how. She gave us the style of support we needed and made sure we felt up to this most important event. I am so grateful that Rachel was a part of our team and do not want to even think about a scenario where she was not with us.” – Alina, Gann and Paloma

“Rachel Andre is an exceptional doula. I was so blessed to come into contact with her during my pregnancy. I wasn’t planning on having my baby in a hospital, but  Rachel made it possible to follow my birth plan as close as humanly possible. She provided excellent care going the extra mile even encouraging me to voice my concerns on anything that I was unsure about . Whatever was asked and things that didn’t seem to be the role of a doula Rachel performed above and beyond. She provided me with all around superior support during  prenatal, labor and postpartum. I want to thank Rachel for loving what she does and sharing her love of her craft with me and my partner. We both learned so much and we greatly appreciate it.” – Amanda, Hughes and Harrison

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