The postpartum time should be defined by rest and nourishment. One of the beautiful ways we can support our clients during their postpartum time is through cooking nourishing meals. We put strong focus on healthy meals that are loaded with nutrients that support mother's recovery and the milk production.

Below are some of out favorite meals and snacks that we love to cook for your families.

energy balls.jpg


Energy Balls

A great snack full of nutrients that stays at room temperature for days. Busy moms who spend many hours of the day and night breastfeeding can easily forget about their own needs. Sometimes it is a lifesaver to have these snacks on your breastfeeding station!




Lactation Cookies

These cookies are another great snack full of nutrients and lactation promoting ingredients: oats, flax seeds, brewer's yeast are superfoods that are known to help increase milk production.



Greens and Quinoa Soup

Loaded with root vegetables, spinach and chard, and with added  protein from quinoa, this soup is nourishing and healing. An easy and delicious way to absorb a lot of iron from the greens, so much needed in the post-birth  recovery process.




squash soup.jpg


Squash and Red Lentil Soup

A beautiful puree soup of squash and red lentils, mixed with cumin and curry, spices that support milk production. 



Lasagna or Pasta Bolognese

A nice comfort food full of protein, garlic and spices, easily cooked with a whole grain or gluten free pasta if desired. We also cook a vegetarian/vegan alternative using vegetables and lentils in place of meat.





Home Made Granola

A fabulous mix of oats, nuts, seeds, coconut oil, dried fruits and a dash of maple syrup. Mix with milk or yogurt and you have a nutritios breakfaast or snack.

butternut squash.jpg