Family Spotlight: Kerry and Jesse Discuss Their Experience with a Postpartum Doula

Today we are featuring Kerry and Jesse who are the proud parents of Baby Everett

NYC Birth Village: Thank you for joining us for this interview! We’re grateful to have you on our blog today. What made you decide to seek postpartum doula care and subsequently choose NYC Birth Village for your doula?

Kerry and Jesse: We were fortunate enough to have multiple friends share their extremely positive experiences with NYC Birth Village. Prior to their recommendations, we had never even considered doula care and truthfully, didn't know much about it. So, my husband and I began researching postpartum doula care. We decided to test the waters with a birth and labor prep class and infant care class. We enjoyed our experience so much that we knew postpartum care would be very beneficial for our family. This was our first baby and we don't have any family nearby, so I knew we would need help and support. I also wanted someone that I could trust, feel comfortable with and open up to. After meeting Brianna, I knew we were in good hands.

NYC BV: In what ways did Brianna help you prepare prior to your baby’s arrival?

K&J: I'm not sure I can actually list all of the ways! From an educational standpoint, she spent several hours with us reviewing infant care and breastfeeding principles, both of which were completely new to my husband and me. As I mentioned, this is our first baby and we are the first in each of our families' to have children. We were nervous that we wouldn't have enough knowledge to care for our new baby but Brianna put us right at ease, shared information in a manner which was easy to absorb and helped us feel confident and prepared. However, Brianna's help went beyond educational; she offered us emotional support, as well. I had a C section, so was very nervous about our birth. She provided me with a safe space to voice my concerns and anxieties without judgement.

NYC BV: What do you remember and appreciate most about your postpartum support?

K&J: This is a tough one! I had a particularly challenging birth due to some complications during and after my C-section. I expected the first few weeks home with baby to be hard, but truthfully, there is no way to really prepare for how difficult it is. It is beautiful and wonderful, too. But, you are challenged in completely new ways as a person - emotionally and physically and all on little to no sleep! Having Brianna in my corner was such a relief. What I appreciate most about my postpartum care is knowing that I could depend on my doula to be there for me during a time when I didn't realize how much I needed it. I am not great at asking for help, but Brianna just seemed to know what I needed before I even asked. She asked me important questions and provided me a safe, supportive space in which to share my questions, experiences and feelings, as well as provide me with answers to the overwhelming number of questions I had as a first time parent.

NYC BV: What would you suggest to someone who is on the fence about hiring a doula for postpartum support?

K&J: I think it is the best decision you can make for yourself and your family! However, do your research to decide what services will be most beneficial for you and you can also ask to meet with a doula before deciding to hire him or her to make sure that you find the right person for you.

If you are interested in finding out more about and/or hiring one of our postpartum doulas, please visit our website. We look forward to hearing from you soon!