Time and time again, it's proven having a doula matters!

In most industrialized countries, families get much more hands on support than we do. I hear tales from ex pats about drs visits where you are given time to ask questions, hospitals were one midwife is assigned to each family during birth, visits from a fairy midwife postpartum who not only checks in on the mother’s recovery and breastfeeding but also cooks and cleans! In the US and especially NYC, we’re quite a bit far off from that. Cue in doulas!

The Ultimate Guide to Doulas has all the evidence that proves again and again that families do better with doula support!

At NYC Birth Village we specialize, in birth AND postpartum doula support. After years of doing this work, we realized that the one short typical postpartum visit from birth doulas wasn’t enough. Families were being left at a time where they needed more support! So we added postpartum support to cover the first month which can be especially challenging for first time parents who are still trying to figure out the topsy turvy ways of life with a newborn. Shortly thereafter, we got trained in lactation because it turns out breastfeeding is harder than it looks! And then we came to form an agency so we can spread the love and make sure as many families as possible get the support they need. If you need a little love, as you bring life into this world, we’re here!

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