Overnight Support

All of our postpartum doulas are trained in lactation support and fully vaccinated

Overnight Doula Visits
  • Doula typically rooms in with baby while parents sleep

  • Doula can support breastfeeding sessions or bottle feed, according to parents’ wishes

  • Doula will handle baby care (diapering, swaddling, soothing) and pumping/bottles preparation if needed

  • Doula is there to provide guidance, reassurance and information, so that parents can build confidence, while getting as much rest as possible

Please note the doula will not provide awake care. Doula will generally sleep when the baby sleeps.



$45-$55/hr with a min booking of 30 hrs (extra fees for twins apply). Overnight visits are typically 10 hrs each.

The Difference Between Overnight Doulas and Baby Nurses
  • Doulas focus on the entire family versus just taking care of the baby.

  • Their approach is geared towards making sure the whole family gets rest, as well as building confidence and knowledge during the visits.

  • Our doulas work off of evidence-based information gathered from their certification and continuing education.

  • All of our doulas are trained or certified in lactation support. They can work with you on a feeding schedule that supports your recovery, as well as a strong start to feeding your baby.

  • Through the doulas’ warm and soothing presence, our families feel rested and supported.

Add-ons to Any Overnight Package:

  • Private Childbirth Education class: starting at $400

  • Private Lactation and Pumping class: starting at $200

  • Private Preparing for Postpartum/Infant Care class: starting at $200

  • Postpartum cooking visits: $200

Contact Us to Book Your Overnight Support

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  • STEP 3: Book your doula(s)/services and access the support right away!

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