Postpartum Support System for the New Family

Pregnancy and postpartum are journeys into the unknown that evoke a spectrum of emotions, questions and joys. Hiring Karla and Narchi as our doulas was absolutely the BEST decision we made as we started this amazing, life-changing journey. They provided unconditional, evidenced-based, loving support of me, my husband and our beautiful daughter, Zoey. We would not have had the incredibly positive journey that we feel blessed to have had without their support.  At every critical moment, they were there and available ... whether in-person, via text, email or a phone call. And at EVERY moment, they handled each moment with grace, professionalism, credible insight, and love. As a first time mommy, there is an immense learning curve ... having Karla and Narchi as your and your family’s advocates is the best decision you can make for your growing family. The postpartum support is beyond words. Our society does not do justice to how hard the postpartum journey can be. It’s a beautiful time, but a solid support system is paramount and Karla and Narchi helped to provide that. The fact that postpartum sessions are included in their package speaks volumes to their qualifications as doulas. They recognize for you (especially newbie first-time moms) how much it is needed. I had no idea what to expect and what this beautiful journey would entail as a novice. It was wonderful to have trained and knowledgeable loving doulas by our side pre and post the birth of our precious daughter. Grateful for having had Karla and Narchi on this beautiful journey with us. -- Valerie


Breastfeeding and Sleep Support

Without Karla and Narchi’s support I definitely would have given up on breastfeeding in the first week after my son was born. Their guidance got  us through the intense early days of breastfeeding and I’m so glad I didn’t miss out on this aspect of my relationship with my baby. They also helped us manage our expectations and come up with a plan regarding baby sleep. My husband and I felt calmed and reassured to know that we would have their help every week and talking through issues with them helped normalize a time in our lives that felt very not normal. We recommend them highly! -- Molly



Working with Twins

"We highly recommend NYC Birth Village - and Karla Pippa in particular - as a postpartum doula. We had twins in Feb 2017, and we honestly don't know if we could have made it through the first few months without Karla.

At the beginning we weren't sure exactly what we wanted from a doula, but Karla has the experience and wisdom to know the best uses of her and our time. As new parents without much family around, we most needed and wanted help with the vast amount of responsibility dropped in our lap on day one: breastfeeding, sleep habits, bathing, using slings and carriers, soothing techniques, etc. Karla was a fantastic resource for all these things, but even more importantly has a quiet calmness and confidence that made it easy to turn to her for help. Karla is also a fantastic cook and squeezed in grocery shopping and meal preparation in addition to the other help we asked for.

We interviewed several doulas before the twins arrived, and choosing Karla came down to two things: her expertise (including past experience with twins) and her personality. It's hard to describe precisely, but both my husband and I felt immediately comfortable with Karla: she came across as warm and nurturing, and more than anyone else, listened to us and shaped her assistance to fit our needs even when we didn't quite know what they were.

Being new parents, it was extremely hard for us to leave the twins alone with someone else; Karla's expertise and our trust in her allowed us to find little moments of respite, whether just sleeping in the other room or going for a walk outside. Though she had other clients, we never felt less than 100% support from Karla, and she was genuinely respectful of our time and the time of her other clients. She was also available via email and text message, and often checked in via text to make sure things were going ok between visits." -- Maggie

Postpartum work in the second month

I highly recommend Narchi as a postpartum doula. She was a great support for me and my baby during the difficult 6-8 week period. Narchi has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw on, and I really appreciated her proactive attitude when I was at a loss of what to do. I felt like she understood my baby so well, and I had complete confidence in her. In addition to helping me understand practical aspects of baby care, she also helped me process the huge variety of postpartum emotions that come along with a new child. On top of everything else, she is a very, very talented cook! I felt well nourished in so many ways during our time with Narchi. -- Lillian

Another Twins Experience

Karla with babies Elizabeth and Zara in Manhattan

Karla with babies Elizabeth and Zara in Manhattan

"Karla has been my postpartum doula since I brought my 5 day old twins home from the hospital.  She has been an unwavering source of support and advice.  "Whatever you need" is her recurring phrase and she has shown at every turn that she means it.  I can't fully express how lucky I feel to have found Karla.  Our twins turned our world upside down.  Her genuine care, thorough professionalism, conscientiousness and the fact that she has the rare balance of being both proactive and supportive in her approach, helped us go from fledgling new parents to parents who have found their groove.  My babies are thriving and I would have been completely overwhelmed without Karla.  We are forever grateful.  -- Narelle, mama to Elizabeth and Zara


Ben, Aliza, and baby Dina in Brooklyn

Ben, Aliza, and baby Dina in Brooklyn


A Dad's Perspective

We very highly recommend Karla for a postpartum doula. She was great. She walked in and (literally) immediately gave my wife a very calming feeling. She did everything we asked, and gave us great suggestions, as well. She helped my wife breastfeed, helped with the baby (of course), helped us organize our baby's room and many baby-related papers that were just piling up, etc., but did not take control beyond what we wanted. She assisted with menus for us, which were healthy, and we still make them today. We call it Karla Pippa's chicken. Scheduling wise, she was very flexible while respecting her prior commitments (which I appreciated as she never had to change her commitments to us), and was always on-time and jumped in with whatever we needed, with little/no direction. Pricing wise, you can discuss that with her, but we found it appropriate and her structure was very professional and accommodating at the same time. -- Ben, papa to Dina





"I had a wonderful experience working with Karla following the birth of our son.  She's extremely caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable, and provides invaluable help and resources to the first-time mom -- on everything from feeding to sleep/soothing techniques to making sense of the endless array of baby gear to simply connecting with other new moms in the neighborhood.  She's a great doula, and I'd recommend her without hesitation to other new parents." -- Helen, mama to Alex in Brooklyn