Postpartum Support

At NYC Birth Village, we believe in focusing on the well being of the family as a whole. By providing teaching and reassurance those first weeks at home, we hope for you to quickly become the experts on your baby!

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  • Assistance with post birth recovery whether vaginal or cesarean

  • Working with the partner to teach how to support a breastfeeding mother

  • Connecting the mother to local parent's groups, classes, community etc.


  • Assistance with breastfeeding, pumping, hand expression, bottle feeding and breastfeeding outdoors

  • Assistance with infant care including cloth diapering, bathing, soothing techniques and umbilical cord care

  • Aid in finding a nanny, pediatrician, day care etc.

  • Teaching babywearing


  • Help around the house including baby laundry and tidying up

  • Doing the groceries and healthy meal preparation

  • Running errands, putting together baby's essentials

Our Postpartum Packages (visits last 3 hrs)

Option 1: 6 visits over first month

Option 2: 10 Postpartum visits over 2 months

Option 3: Postpartum Visits a la carte

  • $200/ visit from on doula on our team and 1 week of follow up support

Additional packages can be arranged. Our private Childbirth Education and Breastfeeding/Infant Care classes come at a reduced fee of $550 when booked with postpartum doula services.