Postpartum Support

Whether you choose our postpartum package that gets you through 1 or 2 months, you will have plenty of support to more smoothly transition into life with your newborn.  Our visits are partly debrief, partly educational and partly hands on support.  When you book 5 postpartum visits, we are able to provide support for a month to get you through your milk coming in, the first few growth spurts, the partner going back to work and baby's first milestones like their first bottle and bath.  When you book 10 visits, we are able to provide support for 2 months postpartum.  This package is particularly helpful for families where the mom may not have a strong support network and is looking to learn all of the above as well as have longer term support with things like meal prep and self care.  Either way, we are excited to assist.  We have experience with twins as well as second and third time parents. Learn more here about our postpartum packages. 

Postpartum Services are Offered in NYC and Include:

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  • Assistance with post birth recovery whether vaginal or cesarean
  • Working with the partner to teach how to support a breastfeeding mother
  • Connecting the mother to local parent's groups, classes, community etc.


  • Assistance with breastfeeding, pumping, hand expression, bottle feeding and breastfeeding outdoors
  • Assistance with infant care including cloth diapering, bathing, soothing techniques and umbilical cord care
  • Aid in finding a nanny, pediatrician, day care etc.
  • Teaching babywearing


  • Help around the house including baby laundry and tidying up
  • Doing the groceries and healthy meal preparation
  • Running errands, putting together baby's essentials




    Get to know Brianna Burton, our postpartum specialist!

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    My name is Brianna and I reside in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn with my husband, two toddler sons (18 months apart) and mother-in-law.  I am a postpartum Doula and trained Breastfeeding Counselor.  I look forward to helping you and your family find your niche as you grow together.  While pursuing my undergraduate degree I developed a love for informing and encouraging my peers as a Student Health Advisor. I graduated with a Public Health degree from Davidson College in 2011. Upon graduation, I was a Clinical assistant in a Urology office and Registrar in the emergency room. Both opportunities were incredible experiences and I learned a lot. However, neither career filled the void of coaching and education that I so longed for. Having children opened my eyes to the lack of compassionate individuals to help support and educate parents in the postpartum period. Once I learned about the great work that postpartum doulas do, I started the certification process with DONA and have been loving what I do ever since! My hope is that parents who grow with me leave empowered, well-equipped, and more aware of the village that is eager to serve them.  When I’m not doula-ing, I love to garden, spend time with my family, take lots of pictures of my sons, and walk around in nature.

    I believe that every person deserves compassionate postpartum care to help parent and baby off to a great start together. I believe in you and the power of the village.  We aren't meant to do this alone.  You, your family, and I-- we are a team. I utilize my gifts of empathy and and encouragement so that you thrive, not just survive the postpartum period.  I believe in using evidence-based resources to equip you with important tools for making the best decisions for you and your family. I will encourage you to value patience and trust (of yourself, the process, and your community) to get you through the tough times and allow you to cherish the precious moments.

    Brianna books packages starting at 5 postpartum visits (3 hours each), for $120/visit.

    What You Can Expect:

    A common visit the first week postpartum

    • debrief your birth and how the initial postpartum period is going as well as answer questions that have arisen
    • breastfeeding practice session to improve the latch and  basic positions that encourage good breastfeeding habits
    • discuss nipple care and do a saline soak to aid in healing and cleanliness
    • prepare a sitz bath and ice pads to aide in vaginal healing
    • give mama a 20 min massage for swollen limbs and sore neck from breastfeeding
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    A common visit 2-4 weeks out

    • debrief how things are going and strategize ways for the family to get more sleep or prepare for upcoming transitions like the partner returning to work
    • learn how to use the breast pump and practice paced bottle feeding to protect the breastfeeding relationship
    • practice babywearing in all your wraps and structured carriers
    • do baby's first bath together and practice infant massage
    • Prepare a meal for the family



    A common visit 4-8 weeks out

    • debrief how you are feeling about motherhood and strategize ways to make deeper connections with other parents
    • discuss how to prepare to go back to work ie what items you'll need and create a pumping and milk storage plan
    • cook a meal while mama takes a nap or steps out for a walk or to run errands
    • draft a post together looking for a nanny 
    • review baby wearing holds with your bigger baby