VBAC Preparation Class (3hr session)


Recommended between 28-36 weeks

These classes are LIVE and private, and run by one of our expert doulas who have supported hundreds of families through their births in NYC. They are ready to share their expertise, as well as answer your questions.

Once we receive payment we will email you within 24 hours to arrange a consultation and schedule the class. Please note that we cannot guarantee availability earlier than 2 weeks from your request. To check our schedule before purchasing the class please email us at nycbirthvillage@gmail.com.


Topics covered:

  • How can you maximize your chances of having a VBAC?

  • VBAC risks and benefits

  • Optimal Fetal Positioning

  • Stages and phases of labor – VBAC labors might be different form a fist labor, depending on previous birth experience

  • Markers of labor progress (effacement, dilation, station)

  • Labor positions and comfort techniques

  • Medications available during labor and birth

  • How do providers manage VBACs? Is an epidural necessary?

  • What are the warning signs of uterine rupture?

  • Preventing an unnecessary cesarean / indications for a repeat cesarean

  • How can you advocate if needed in the hospital setting?


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