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Birth and Postpartum Doula

Sierra is a native New Yorker who has been passionate about supporting families since witnessing her first birth seven years ago. Sierra is a  DONA trained doula and has worked as a prenatal and reproductive health educator in health centers throughout New York City. Most recently, she served as the Health Program Coordinator for a community based organization in rural Ghana, focusing on programs developed by community members and related to maternal and child health. Sierra is passionate about creating the space for families to feel in charge and supported from pregnancy to parenthood. She believes in listening deeply as families navigate their individual experience and a larger health system. She is thrilled to be working in collaboration with the amazing doulas at NYC birth village. Sierra received her B.A. in Creative Writing from Goucher College and loves writing, reading, dancing, seeing people create, being outside, hanging with the people she loves, and exploring both new and familiar places.


Birth and Postpartum Doula

Every birth marks a new beginning for many elements of life, and I desire to honor, empower and celebrate each family’s journey. From pregnancy to parenting the information and techniques can be overwhelming, and I help families curate an informed experience that is based in joy and works to eliminate fear. I desire for families to know the intimate truth about bringing a new baby into this world and the surprising ways that our lives are changed.  My passion for birth began while researching for the birth of my 2 children. Learning about birth transitioned from a hobby to a calling. I support families through any style of birth, and hope for each family to have the best new beginning possible. My degree is in Communications, with a background in non-profit development and youth programming. I served with AmeriCorps, and pursue continuing education opportunities in maternal health, child development, trauma, positive parenting, & wellness. I am trained as a lactation counselor. I love applying what I am learning to provide research-based support..


“Sierra has been one of the best supports I have in my pregnancy experience. From when I was a few months from giving birth, I chose her to be my Doula and I never regretted it. Before birth, we planned what I would want in labor/birth. The night I started contractions, my husband was not around and she came right away to my home to support me with options how to ease the contractions and exercises that would help alleviate my pain. She stood with me from 1am-the following day and monitored my contractions even when they completely stopped, she stood by and waited to make sure I would be okay. Fast forward, later on the next day mid night, my contractions returned and my water broke and she came right away to assist me with emotional support, and all supports you cant even imagine. She held my hand and reminded me to breath how I should every time to help alleviate contractions. Sierra helped me and my family make this birth process soooo easy and exactly how I wanted. I had my daughter with no epidural and I don’t regret it not one bit. Sierra has been so helpful even after birth and checking to make sure everything has been okay and if there is any assistance I needed. ‘Till this day, I still speak about her and my experience and how amazing it was! I would definitely call her again and have her as my doula when I have another child in the future. Thank you so much Sierra for all you have done for me and my family. Such a sweetheart <3” - Y.T.