Supporting Families Through Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

Baby Nina's Birth

A birth is more than a life entering this world.  It is the birth of a family.  It is the beginning of the foundation from which this family will forever come from.  We believe that your birth, how you feel, and what happens before, during and after matters.  There are many ways to a healthy mother and baby and ours is a unique path of building confidence and instilling peace throughout the pregnancy, birth and postpartum time.  

Our belief is that the world would benefit from families who felt supported, loved and cared for during their birth.  It is not that every mother should have a natural birth but that every family should have the choice to have the birth that is best for them.  We join families by their side not to prevent an intervention from happening but to make sure that every step of the way they feel informed and assured in the decisions that they are making.  In addition, we want to enhance the role of the partner so that from that moment onward both mother and partner will look back at that intense and beautiful experience as a time where they came together.  At home, we place a focus postpartum on building the family's confidence through a set of visits to provide a smoother transition those first few challenging weeks.  

In the past, we lived in communities where friends and family would tend to the birthing mothers and their families after.  As our world and communities shift, we are overjoyed to fill the role of guide, believer, advocate and friend to so many NYC families throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.  

                                                                                                                                                            ~Narchi and Karla