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Beginner Postpartum Doula and CLC

$50/hr Min. Booking for 18hrs

$45/hr for overnight visits (extra fee for twins)

Genevieve is the protégé of Francie Webb of GoMilkYourself. She trained through Doula Trainings International and as a lactation professional through go-milkyourself as well. She provides birth and postpartum care, including lactation support. One of her specialties is overnight postpartum care, where parents can optimize on sleep and recovery and wake to a prepared meal or baked treat of their choice.

Along with being multilingual (Dutch, Spanish, French, and Japanese), Genevieve has a special capacity to be with people from all backgrounds. No matter what you are dealing with, she’s in your corner. With a background in teaching and life coaching, Genevieve has a proven track record of helping people realize their intentions. She spent twelve years living abroad, most notably in the Netherlands where home birth is the norm.


“These first few weeks after birthing a human have been (knock on wood) fortunately really enjoyable – not as scary as I thought – and that is largely in part to being able to lean on my doula, Genevieve. I’m one of those personalities that I think I have to do things on my own, super hyper independent, I don’t want to burden anyone, but Genevieve has been really great at being there, being that force that when I need to tap into someone, when I have questions, answers them, is very clear, concise, gets me answers if she doesn’t know it off the top of her head (in a super fast manner!), but Gen is also really great at reminding me to ask for help, to lean on other people, to have people help me with anything from washing the dishes to her great shoulder massages – just knowing that I have another person there has been really helpful to get through these first few weeks.”

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