Sarah Frolich
Juniper Wellness
Chelsea (and home visits)

Miriam Pineles
Conscious Health and Wellness
Columbus Circle

Guoping Zheng and Katie Smethurst
Center for Women’s Health
Midtown East

Community Acupuncture
Brooklyn Open Acupuncture Ft. Greene, Brooklyn

Christina de La Mar
Seven Point Wellness Midtown East


Randi Jaffe

David Pico
Pico Family Chiropractic Center
Columbus Circle

Fernando Mendez
Fernando Mendez Chiropractic
Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Massage Therapy

Fiona Pippa
Unwind Massage NYC
UES (and house calls)

Leigh Withers
Motherly Love: Massage and Acupuncture
Manhattan and Brooklyn (house calls only)

Simone Burgos
Earth and Sky Healing Arts
Long Island City, Queens (and house calls)

Physical Therapy

Various Therapists
Duffy and Bracken
Financial District

Various Therapists
Spear Center
Manhattan and Brooklyn

Pelvic Therapy

Lindsay Vestal
Functional Pelvis
Home visits

Tayyaba Ahmed
Pelvic Rehabilitation
Midtown East

Breastfeeding Support

Mental Health

Pre/Post Centers

Various therapists/Case Worker
Motherhood Center of NY
Midtown East

Various Therapists/Groups
Seleni Institute

Various Therapists
Postpartum Resource Center
Over the phone support


Evelyn Gamma
Evelyn Gamma Counseling
UWS/Home Visits/ Phone

Ellen Krug
Park Slope/Phone (if needed)

Olivia Bergeron
Mommy Groove
Union Sq/Park Slope/Home Visit

Allison Meade
Allison Meade Therapy
Brooklyn Heights/Home visits

Lactation Consult

Andrea Syms Brown
Baby in the Family
Home visits

Rachel King
Lactation visits
Home visits

lea Rivera Todaro
Mami Mia
Home visits


Trainer/Peer led
La Leche League
All boroughs

Andrea Syms Brown
Breastfeeding Limes

Ayelet Kaznelson
Prenatal Yoga Center