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You diligently read the doula books, took the courses, started brainstorming ways to get your business off the ground and now what...

We were in the same position over 6 years ago as we got our doula practices off the ground. We had the training on how to be a good doula but not enough insight on how to run a good business. We would have benefited greatly from mentors, trainers, frankly anyone who had done this before us.  So we're a launchpad for newer doulas who have aspirations of developing their own strong businesses. 

Like any good doula knows, when you are birthing something new into the world, you just need some good unconditional love and support! Here's what we offer:

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In addition to continuing your doula education on being a better doula, we want to teach you how to build a better business from improving interviews to working through how to make the best of your references. 



We are excited to help you develop your business plan, schedule check in calls to talk through the hiccups of starting a new business, and help you through those possible challenges that can arise with a client.  



It doesn't matter how good of a doula you are if you don't get seen!  We'll increase your exposure by posting you and your partner's profile up on our website so that you can get the word out about your work and build your business.

We are looking for doulas with 0-50 births who are interested in making a 1 year commitment to our doula service.  We focus on a partnership model of doula work with extended postpartum support.  If you don't have a partner, we'd be happy to help you find a compatible one!

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