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Advanced Postpartum Doula, CLC and NYC Birth Village Founder

$200/postpartum visit

$450/lactation support package

Karla, co-founder of NYC Birth Village, is proud to be an expert birth and postpartum doula as well as certified breastfeeding counselor. After a decade working in politics focused on advocacy and mobilization, she was struck by the experiences she had supporting her sister through her birth journeys. Karla wanted to continue to experience the lasting impacts of her care on the start of a new family – the basic building block of life. Since becoming a doula she has supported hundreds of families in over 10 years and has co-created a successful doula agency.

Currently, she is focused on supporting families through the challenging first months postpartum. She offers evidence based knowledge, options and proven tips and tricks while she encourages parents to draw on their own natural instincts. Whether your sessions are focused on addressing breastfeeding challenges, a mother’s recovery or soothing techniques like babywearing, you can expect a warm and objective coach to guide you through baby’s first milestones. She loves the intimate relationships she builds with her families and hopes leave a lasting impression that will be with them for years to come.

She speaks English and Spanish and is an excellent cook!


“At the beginning we weren’t sure exactly what we wanted from a doula, but Karla has the experience and wisdom to know the best uses of her and our time. As new parents without much family around, we most needed and wanted help with the vast amount of responsibility dropped in our lap on day one: breastfeeding, sleep habits, bathing, using slings and carriers, soothing techniques, etc. Karla was a fantastic resource for all these things, but even more importantly has a quiet calmness and confidence that made it easy to turn to her for help. Karla is also a fantastic cook and squeezed in grocery shopping and meal preparation in addition to the other help we asked for.” — Maggie

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