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Experienced Doula Teams (200-400 births attended)


Birth/Postpartum Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor
Experience with: VBAC, hypnobirth, single, BIPOC and LGBTQ parents

Sophia is a mom of 2 boys, birth and postpartum doula, and lactation counselor. She is a bilingual Spanish speaker and proudly serves clients in Spanish.

Sophia believes that every family deserves to have a fulfilling birth experience that they can cherish forever. She has become an enthusiastic advocate for families to make informed choices through the provision of evidence-based information. She believes that this is the foundation for families to be able to feel good about their birth choices.

Realizing that there is an enormous gap in care during the early postpartum period, She has become especially passionate about supporting and nurturing families during their transition to parenthood or as their family grows. She loves encouraging new parents to follow their instincts as they get to know their new baby.


Birth/Postpartum Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor
Experience with: VBAC, hypnobirth, single, BIPOC and LGBTQ parents

Maya is a mother, certified holistic doula, lactation counselor, and Hypnobirthing support doula. She is also proud to serve Spanish speaking families en español! She has been attending births since 2009. As a doula, her commitment to you is to help guide and nurture your natural instincts as you prepare for birth and life with a newborn. Maya’s practice combines a rational, evidenced-based approach to birthing with a holistic focus on the body-mind connection. Her goal is to empower you to make well-informed decisions and to encourage you to work more intimately with your body via massage therapy, conscious breathing, and other relaxation techniques. She has a deep respect for the ability of women to birth intuitively when they feel safe, loved and calm.

Maya is also passionate about mental health in the perinatal period. She is trained in Havening, which is a gentle yet powerful technique that helps improve birth outcomes, lower stress and anxiety, heal past birth trauma and increase joy during pregnancy and birth.


  • In-person Birth Support (With Virtual Prenatal and Postpartum Support): $2,950

Birth support packages include:

  • Phone/text/email support from the time of hiring

  • 2 prenatal sessions

  • Continuous support throughout the duration of your labor

  • 2 postpartum check-ins within two weeks after birth

  • PLUS optional group sessions on:

    • Birth Preparation & Coping Techniques

    • Postpartum Preparation & Recovery

    • Infant Feeding

    • Newborn Care


“Maya and Sophia were absolutely wonderful! Through the 1:1s, group sessions and our text chain, they were consistently informative and supportive. There was never any judgement and they provided tips, tools, and reassurance for any question or concern. On a personal level, while we never met in-person given COVID-19 restrictions, they still were able to connect on a personal level and were kind and lovely people!”  – Kate & Patrick. virtual support

“Maya and Sophia came highly recommended from a number of people in the birthing community including our incredible midwives so we knew we were on to a good thing even before we met them. When we first met Maya, it was instantly clear that we would get exactly the kind of support we were looking for. She was professional, knowledgeable, organized and most importantly has an upbeat, optimistic and motivational attitude.  After we signed up with Maya and Sophia, they were extremely proactive in setting up time ahead of the birth to prepare and think through the issues that we were trying to get to grips with. When we reached out they were prompt and available to chat, FaceTime, message or email. Having 2 experienced mamas and doulas providing such close support was of enormous comfort during the pandemic, which at the time was worsening before we had our boy. To that end, they proactively developed thoughtful plans to adapt their services to be safe during the pandemic without compromising their client first approach. During labor and the birth itself we had a fantastic experience.  Maya arrived at our home at just the right time and fit into the labor dynamic that my wife and I had developed immediately, integrating herself into the birthing operation completely seamlessly and providing both of us with much needed support and expertise. The birth experience was so special and extraordinary and we felt such a special connection to Maya (who attended the birth) and Sophia (who provided virtual support before and afterwards).  We found the partnership worked really well – Maya was our primary doula and Sophia was on hand to step in if Maya was unavailable at any time. This meant we had support whenever we needed it. I remember 2 days after the birth FaceTiming with Sophia who showed my wife some incredibly helpful breastfeeding techniques which provided her the framework she needed to successfully nurse our little boy from his earliest days! This combination of proactive planning, round the clock availability, deep expertise and postpartum support made for a fantastic experience. We couldn’t imagine doing it with anyone else and wouldn’t change a thing. Finally, the way that Maya and Sophia work together made the experience especially seamless and having a doula team made us feel more supported with a robust birth and postpartum model.”  – Celine & Nick, homebirth

“We gave birth under such stressful circumstances as the first wave of the pandemic was surging in NYC, and we felt incredibly supported by Maya and Sophia. They helped us navigate our own feelings as our birthing plans evolved with the changing hospital policies and offered many alternatives. We were so prepared for birth, largely due to the support we got from them in our pre-birth meetings and conversations. And then, they provided the most amazing virtual support! It was even more effective than we could have imagined. When I was in labor, Sophia was on FaceTime with us on and off while we labored at home. At one point, she suggested I do supported downward dog and lunges (kind of unthinkable while in labor), and the baby repositioned and labor sped up. It was unbelievable! Then, she stayed on FaceTime with us through five hours of hospital labor, providing encouragement and positioning suggestions, and even taking photos through Facetime. I called her from the maternity floor at 3 AM the first night for help breastfeeding and it made me feel so supported. You will be so loved and supported by Maya and Sophia!!” – Sarah & Josh, hospital birth

“Maya and Sophia were absolutely wonderful, and I truly could not have had an all natural birth without their help and support. I was initially on the fence about having a doula support me, and after making a rather last minute decision at around 37 weeks, I feel so fortunate to have done so. I wish that I had engaged with them much sooner, now knowing how helpful Maya & Sophia are, and my best piece of advice is that if you are considering having a doula, choose Maya & Sophia and do it sooner rather than later. I know that I would not have had the unmedicated / natural hospital birth experience that I feel so fortunate to have had without Maya by my side, and the support of Maya and Sophia before and after. We interviewed two other doulas before making our decision and we absolutely made the right choice. In addition to all the help and support prior to labor, Maya was incredibly helpful interacting with the staff at the hospital, recognized and knew some of the nurses, and knows exactly what to do to try to ensure that your wishes and best outcome are achieved.” – Julie and Mike

“It was so helpful to text Sophia and Puri with any questions throughout pregnancy and postpartum. They were an overall pleasure to work with!” – Meg and Michael

“Maya was a fantastic doula and someone I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking for an insightful and calming presence to assist with their birth. Maya was an amazing resource to have to answer all of our questions. When our birth didn’t go according to “plan” and we ended up needing to have an unplanned c-section, I was glad to have Maya with us. Both my husband and I were a bit anxious about the turn of events, but Maya’s calming presence brought us both back down to earth and helped us to enjoy the moment for what it was. It was also so nice to have her stay by my side while I was in post-Op so my husband could go spend time with our son in NICU. She was so caring and helpful throughout the whole ordeal and I am eternally grateful she was part of our birth team.” – Katie & Jeff

“Hardly anything about my labor, birth and breastfeeding plan turned out the way I had hoped – except for you. You are everything I ever dreamed of for my doula! Your warm heart, intelligence, and steady presence have been so appreciated.” – Chelsea & Neil

“June 4th he turned 1. Unbelievable! I reflected all day and thought about you and all your loving and empowering support. So grateful for all the ways you walked with me as I (literally) roared into motherhood with some grace, lots of humility, and borrowed confidence until it became more and more my own.” – Cazzie & Gerardo

“Maya has a wealth of knowledge – she helped us understand what to expect and how to manage certain situations. She was with us throughout the lengthy labor and delivery, and saying she went above and beyond is an understatement. We cannot imagine going through this roller coaster ride without Maya by our side, and we are forever grateful for her help.” – Natalia & Derek

“Sophia was a dream to work with. We had done months of research about birth, including taking a birth class together (in fact, one of us works in the medical field), and yet somehow our birth still managed to be totally beyond anything we could have predicted. Her warm and calm demeanor got us through a very rocky and strange (read: insanely long) labor, through all the twists and turns. She helped us not only advocate for ourselves, but also identify what were priorities for us in the birth process. After the birth, she came to check in on me and helped me with resources about baby sleep and breast feeding, but she was also just supportive in general about the realities of the early days which was very reassuring to a first-time mom.” – AWS

“We began searching for a doula when I was midway through my first pregnancy. Once we met Sophia we knew instantly she was perfect for our family and I felt a great sense of relief knowing we had such an incredible support system in place for the birth. The beauty of working with Sophia during labor is that she is able to anticipate what you might need and is so gentle in her approach that you sometimes don’t even feel her presence but as soon as you need her she’s there and she’s ready for anything. I actually remember calling for her more than my husband, and for good reason! During what was a very long and difficult labor Sophia did absolutely everything you could possibly imagine to help with comfort and pain management nausea and especially encouragement when I felt as if I just couldn’t go on. At first I didn’t fully understand what the role of a doula was because it wasn’t medical, but I can say now that she was invaluable to the birthing process. We are so blessed to have had Sophia as our doula and would recommend her highly to anyone!” – AL

“Sophia was an absolute joy to work with as our doula.  Throughout the entire experience Sophia was compassionate, attentive, organized, positive, and professional. Going in, we had hoped for a certain level of care from her, and she provided so much more than even what we had expected.  In the weeks leading up to delivery Sophia came to our home for two planning visits.  She took the time to get to know us and what our hopes and concerns were for the birth and postpartum experiences.  Sophia listened and provided resources, but never pushed an agenda.  During the birth experience, Sophia was an absolute rockstar — she worked tirelessly and with enthusiasm, encouraging us throughout the process whether things were going smoothly or differently than anticipated.  She worked collaboratively with the hospital team and helped us navigate all the unknowns of a first-time birth experience.  After the birth of our daughter Sophia has remained a constant resource for all the little questions.  I cannot recommend her more highly!” – SM

“Sophia was an invaluable part of the birth of our first daughter.  Her quiet but warm persona immediately put us at ease during our prenatal meetings with her.  She was available to us for anything we needed during the lead up to the birth – when I fell at 8 months while my husband was out of the country, she was the first person I was in touch with and her calming nature helped me through that scary day.  On the day I went into labor, lots of things happened that we didn’t plan on.  I was diagnosed with preeclampsia, had to be induced and had blood pressure issues that required me to be heavily medicated during the birth – all things we hadn’t considered would happen, especially because I was attempting to give birth without an epidural or other medication.   When Sophia got to the hospital, my husband tells me that my entire laboring process changed.   Sophia helped me remember all the preparation I had done to achieve my goal of an unmedicated birth.  The positions she helped me into, the counter pressure she was able to give me, the breathing she reminded me of, and the calm, gentle, loving presence she brought all were instrumental in me being able to deliver our daughter without an epidural – one of the only pieces of control I felt I had on a day where everything happened very quickly in a way that I wasn’t expecting.  Sophia came to visit our new family a few days after labor, was a source of wonderful resources that we found very helpful, and generally just made the entire experience so much better than it would have been without her.  I am so, so glad we hired her and would encourage anyone else to do the same.” – PT

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