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Birth and Postpartum Doula Support

At NYC Birth Village, we know that families thrive in their transition to parenthood with continuous support. We specialize in a holistic experience by focusing on birth and postpartum doula services combined. We work in doula teams to combine our expertise and give our families more well rounded care.

Our Services Include:

Prenatal Support

  • From the point of hire, both of us guide you through your pregnancy through email, phone, text as needed.

  • At around 34 weeks, our first prenatal meeting gives us the chance to understand your birth vision and develop your birth preferences.

  • At around 37 weeks, the second prenatal meeting lets us practice comfort techniques for labor and develop your postpartum plan.

Labor Support

  • The doula on call will provide support by phone in early labor and will come when needed to your home or hospital to provide labor support.

  • During labor we may suggest positions, massage, apply counter-pressure, hot and cold packs, encourage hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, breathing techniques, as well as provide encouragement and reassurance to mama and partner.

  • The doula will stay with you about 1-2 hrs post birth to help with the baby’s first latch and continue guidance till the first postpartum visit.

Postpartum Support

  • Depending on the extent of the support you book, during visits we will assist with vaginal/cesarean recovery, healthy meal prep, breastfeeding techniques, review the breast pump/bottle feeding, review soothing techniques, babywearing and baby’s first bath.

  • We’re available through phone/email/text support for reassurance and to answer all the questions that arise in between our visits.

Our Packages:

Option 1: Birth and Postpartum Support (4 Postpartum visits included)

Option 2: Birth and Breastfeeding Initiation Support (2 short Postpartum visits included)

Option 3: Basic Birth Support (1 short Postpartum visit included)

Our Childbirth Education and Breastfeeding/Infant Care classes come at a reduced fee of $550 when booked with birth support services.