Birth Equity

Call to Action to Improve Black Maternal Health

In New York City, Black women are estimated to be up to 12 times more likely to die during pregnancy and childbirth than white women and are three times more likely to suffer from life-threatening complications. The mortality rate for Black infants was three times higher than it was for white infants with an alarming number of births being preterm. Racial disparities persist even when taking into account socioeconomic status like income, health insurance and education levels. It is quite obvious that we have a real crisis in Black maternal health and these chilling statistics reflect systemic racism and inequity.

We hope you will join us in actively supporting the improvement of Black maternal health by donating to these organizations:
  • National Black Midwives Alliance: An organization that aims to increase the number of Black midwives and access to Black midwives in order to have more providers who can impact perinatal health disparities. Donate here.
  • National Birth Equity Collaborative: Supports Black maternal and infant health through racial equity trainings, policy advocacy, research, and community engagement.  Donate here.  
  • Mama Glow Foundation: Runs a program called Love Delivered thats offer scholarships to BIPOC & LGBTQ+ doulas and midwives as well as consults teaching hospitals in developing anti-racism strategies and implicit bias training and curriculum. Donate here.

Thank you for any willingness to participate in the social justice movement!

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