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Studies have shown that doulas impact the birth experience positively.  Overall, women who receive continuous labor support are less likely to experience/require:

  • Epidural or other regional analgesia

  • Birth with vacuum extraction or forceps

  • Birth by cesarean

  • Dissatisfaction or a negative rating of their experience

We often spend more time with the partner than they imagine.  During early labor one of us is coaching the partner over the phone.  In cases where partners are looking to take a more active role in the birth, one of us can assist with recommendations based on our training and experience for ways the partner can soothe the mother and better support her through this challenging time.  This continues as one of us attends the birth.  At the hospital, the doula attending the birth is at the partner’s side as they are relaying the birth preferences to the hospital staff helping them navigate the medical system.  It’s also nice to have someone there if they need to take a break!

Having a doula on site is still beneficial and likely to help keep this a low intervention birth.  Having someone there to reassure you, to explain what is happening and to generally take care of your needs will help the birth go much more smoothly.


A doula respects the partner’s role and input, and teaches concrete skills that will help the partner nurture the baby and mother. The doula will share evidence-based information with the partner that shows how his or her role in the early weeks will have a dramatic positive effect on the family.

Visits usually last 3+ hrs and start by debriefing with the parent(s) to identify areas that need attention.  Every visit usually is centered around a set of priorities.  In the early weeks, it’s mostly centered around the mother’s recovery and breastfeeding while the later weeks include outings and taking care of household responsibilities.  Here’s as example of a sample 3 hr visit:

  • Debrief with the parent(s) and identify priorities

  • Assist in improving the baby’s latch while teaching the partner how to support the breastfeeding parent

  • Create breastfeeding stations around the house

  • Prepare a meal for the family

  • Do a load of baby’s laundry

  • Watch the baby while the family takes a nap/showers

  • Teach parents how to use their carriers and wraps

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