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Advanced Postpartum Doula, CLC and NYC Birth Village Founder

Karla, co-founder of NYC Birth Village, is proud to be an expert birth and postpartum doula as well as certified breastfeeding counselor. Since becoming a doula she has supported hundreds of families in over 10 years and has co-created a successful doula agency. She taps into this knowledge and experience when preparing new families for their birth, postpartum and lactation journeys.

Advanced Postpartum Doula, CLC, Childbirth Educator and NYC Birth Village Founder

Narchi, co-founder of NYC Birth Village, is a doula, childbirth educator, breastfeeding counselor, and mother of three children. She loves to share from her wealth of knowledge, gathered from a decade of doula work, continuous education in the birth and lactation field, and from witnessing the journeys of hundreds of families.

Our Classes

Childbirth Education
In this class we teach the essentials of the labor and birth process, common interventions and their role, advocacy skills, and coping measures for labor.

Topics include:

  • Optimal Fetal Positioning

  • Signs of impending labor / beginning of labor

  • Stages and phases of labor

  • Markers of labor progress

  • Labor positions and coping techniques

  • Medications available during labor and birth

  • Common interventions in childbirth

  • Preventing an unnecessary cesarean / indications for a cesarean

Lactation and Pumping

In this class we teach the family how to get breastfeeding off to the right start, common challenges and solutions, as well as walk through how to express and collect milk.

Topics include:

  • Expectations on feeding a newborn and how to successfully initiate nursing

  • Tips on how to encourage and protect your milk supply

  • Common issues that arise and when to reach out for additional support

  • Review of nursing positions

  • Review of how to use your breast pump, bottle feed and info on milk storage

Infant Care
In this class we teach the family how to get well prepared for the postpartum time and gain confidence in their abilities to care for their newborn.

Topics include:

  • Expectations of life with a newborn from day 1

  • Helpful tips for your postpartum plan

  • Review of essential baby care topics – holding, cord care, diapering, swaddling, bathing

  • The 4th trimester and helpful soothing techniques

  • Practice diapering and swaddling

  • Review reasons to reach out to the pediatrician

Other Prenatal Prep Sessions

Fee: $100/hr (add $100 for in-person)

  • Pre-conception class (1hr): Review ways to prepare for the best chances in getting pregnant, tips in boosting fertility, referrals to specialists and recommendations to helpful products/practices

  • Choosing your provider and advocacy class (2hrs): Receive guidance on the difference between OBGYNs and midwives, best places to birth for you, and get trained in self-advocacy

  • Miscellaneous topics: Schedule a 2 hour session to have all you questions answered by an expert doula that can offer information and guidance as needed as well as provide emotional support

Contact us at to book miscellaneous classes
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