Francie and Sierra

“At our first prenatal visit with Francie, she asked us to imagine and describe our “dream birth.” While the birth of our daughter was nothing short of miraculous, it was vastly different from the “dream.” Sierra and Francie’s support helped us navigate the unexpected challenges we faced from a more confident and grounded place. In our prenatal visits, they provided recommendations and knowledge that were fundamental to creating a list of cesarean birth preferences -- necessary because of our baby's breech presentation. In the hospital, when breastfeeding was not going well, Francie immediately changed her plans and came to be there with us. She coached me through feeding, but was also a bright light of love and emotional support. We also had the pleasure of having Sierra and Francie visit us at home for postpartum assistance.  They massaged my aches and pains, allowed us to talk through the emotions of being new parents, gave us some needed sleep, and guided us through many newborn firsts –– including bath time, baby wearing, and bottle feeding. We are forever grateful for the support, guidance, recommendations, love, and friendship that Sierra and Francie gave our family. It has truly been a pleasure sharing the birth and upbringing of our daughter with them.” - N + E, 9/2018

“Sierra and Francie are amazing doulas.  They are reliable, knowledgeable, caring, and personable.  They made themselves available for all of our questions and concerns throughout our pregnancy - communication with them is very easy.  Sierra was by our side during our 26 hour labor helping us with everything from interacting with hospital staff to pain management. We learned quickly that a doula is not a "just in case" thing, it really changes the game.  She was an invaluable source of comfort, information, and techniques.  After the birth, Sierra and Francie were just as caring in helping baby, mom, and dad navigate the fourth trimester.  We can't imagine going through this experience without Sierra and Francie and will be forever grateful for their knowledge and support." - M + M, 9/2018


“Francie was, quite simply, born to do this work. I had the honor of being her first birth and, at one point, moments before my son’s birth I (literally) threw myself on her in my quest for relief. She braced, she caught me. She saw what I needed and was there before I knew I needed it. (She also spooned Italian ice into my face during transition, which was a nice touch. This girl. Is it.”  - Marisa E., Durham, NC, formerly of New York, NY

“Looking back to the time when I gave birth to my son Jack, I cannot thank Francie enough for her support during that special and stressful time. The initial 3 hours before the hospital were the hardest.. Francie would always find the positions that would help to ease the pain. She was absolutely at my service, giving me water, talking to me and vocalizing with me at the same time. She was indispensable. She supported me during the pushing. Once the baby was born, she helped me to latch him on my breast right away, which made it a nice transition for him. She dealt very well with my fiancé during the whole time; they worked very well together as a team. She also was patient and good at communicating difficult messages. I honestly cannot imagine my birth without her. I really needed her and demanded her during that process on so many levels. She made it more manageable. I highly recommend Francie because she is very knowledgeable, flexible - will work with you to find what works best for you, physically and mentally strong, has great poise and communications skills, and you can trust her. My fiancé and I are forever grateful to her." - Elena T., Norwalk, CT


“Sierra has been one of the best supports I have in my pregnancy experience. From when I was a few months from giving birth, I chose her to be my Doula and I never regretted it. Before birth, we planned what I would want in labor/birth. The night I started contractions, my husband was not around and she came right away to my home to support me with options how to ease the contractions and exercises that would help alleviate my pain. She stood with me from 1am-the following day and monitored my contractions even when they completely stopped, she stood by and waited to make sure I would be okay. Fast forward, later on the next day mid night, my contractions returned and my water broke and she came right away to assist me with emotional support, and all supports you cant even imagine. She held my hand and reminded me to breath how I should every time to help alleviate contractions. Sierra helped me and my family make this birth process soooo easy and exactly how I wanted. I had my daughter with no epidural and I don’t regret it not one bit. Sierra has been so helpful even after birth and checking to make sure everything has been okay and if there is any assistance I needed. ‘Till this day, I still speak about her and my experience and how amazing it was! I would definitely call her again and have her as my doula when I have another child in the future. Thank you so much Sierra for all you have done for me and my family. Such a sweetheart <3” - Y.T. 

“Erica was one of three doulas I met with to support my birth experience and after our initial meeting I knew I wanted her as my doula. She has an extremely calming, confident nature. I am one hundred percent sure the reason my labor was short and easily handled was because of Erica. I was able to concentrate on just breathing. Erica continues to check in on our family and makes trips to see our daughter.” – Heather, Queens

"We can't imagine what this process would have been like without your support, kindness and love. From midnight Q & A to mid-day Oreos, from labor pains to family pains - you had us covered. We're ever grateful to have found you!" – Heidi & Brad, Brooklyn

"We had so many plans for our birth and or course, nothing happened the way we planned it. Erica made us feel comfortable and informed and talked us through all of the difficult decisions. Erica was a huge part of making our birth story so positive. She helped us advocate for ourselves and feel like we understood what was happening." – Nicole & Kevin, Long Island


“Our search for a doula was prioritized around finding someone whose personality was the best fit for the daunting and incredibly intimate experience we were about to undertake with the birth of our first child. Without a doubt, we found the perfect partner in Samantha, whose knowledge of helpful resources and expertise in the subject of pregnancy set a very high bar, but most importantly, whose empathetic, supportive and reassuring approach to the birth experience gave us so much more confidence than we would have had otherwise. Leading up to the due date, Samantha provided great knowledge of what was to come, helpful exercises to prepare for the big day and was always quick with a response by phone or text whenever we needed one. Once we were at the hospital, Samantha kept close tabs on how things were progressing, and from the moment she arrived to join us through the birth of our son, she was an invaluable partner to have in our corner. Samantha even made a point to recommend and attend a breastfeeding class around 5 days after the birth to ensure things were progressing smoothly in the days when we were still learning how to be parents to our little boy. Overall, we could not recommend Samantha highly enough to others looking for a great doula for their pregnancy!” - Maeck & Jeff

“When we got pregnant, my wife brought up the idea of a doula. I was very skeptical and didn’t really know much about the subject. This was our second baby and I knew we needed the extra help since my wife wanted an unmedicated VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), so we went along to meet various doulas. When we first met Sam, we immediately felt connected and we knew she was the right person to support us on this journey. We met with Sam a couple of times before our due date and she taught us a few positions, shared resources, and gave us lots of tips to help my wife manage the pain during the first stages. The day my wife started having contractions, we reached out to Sam and followed up several times until it was time to go to the hospital. We met Sam there and she immediately started to support my wife with various techniques to help with the pain. Sam is very resourceful and was with us all the way. Not only she was really helpful with my wife but also guided me through the process. Our baby girl was delivered on Oct 4 at 12:20am, Sam was with us all the way, she helped my wife with her pain and also supported her emotionally. We could not have done this without Sam, she was a great support and I would totally recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.” - Diana & Andres



“Jamie was a life saver! We are first time parents and just moved to the city in my 3rd trimester, with no real support system, Jamie was absolutely essential for our family. She was our postpartum doula for a month as she was pregnant herself. Jamie is very organized and professional, right from the first meeting, she came with a list of all her services and notes on how to prepare for the birth, breast feeding, etc. She walked us through what to expect in the hospital, induction process and labour. We asked her to meet us the day after we got back from the hospital, she was always flexible with her schedule. Jamie is very easy to talk to about any topic. My body was going through so much change, she helped me understand and adapt to it. She was very good with the baby. Extremely knowledgeable and readily shares all necessary information. She had tips and advice for all our woes. With her guidance, by the end of the 1st month, we were better parents who felt a little more comfortable with this new life changing event! I highly recommend Jamie to anyone looking for a postpartum doula.” - Mama to Baby Y

"Jamie has been a wealth of knowledge for me as I have begun to navigate life with my baby boy. Being a first time mom is hard. It’s so easy to feel lost and incompetent when you’re sent home from the hospital. You wonder if what you’re doing is right and if it’s good enough. Jamie has been there to ease my mind and answer even the silliest of my questions.  She was able to help me solve my breastfeeding issues as they arose and helped me stay positive when it was tough. Jamie’s support and guidance in my post partum experience has been so comforting. She has helped me become more confident in myself as a mother. Jamie has been the coach and friend that I needed as I began my journey as a mother. I am so grateful for her!" - Leslie and Baby Anthony

"Being a first time mom everything seems so serious and scary. Jamie was exactly the support I needed! Jamie would respond right away to any questions or concerns I had with a step by step solution. And they all worked! Even if it was late at night or early morning. She was one person I could count on to get back to me. She is a sea of knowledge, very empathetic all while being professional. Jamie made me feel so comfortable asking her anything from how to burp my son to how to get rid of reflux, swaddle lessons and basically everything. Plus My son adores her :) These past months have been challenging but I would be so lost without Jamie and her guidance. I will forever be grateful. - Thank you for it all." - ♥️ Ronia

"Our family went through a stressful time due to the ailing health of a family member, about two months before I was due with my first child in November 2014. My plans for the support team I was going to have in place postpartum went up in smoke, not to mention the added stress. Jamie stepped in and I could not have gotten through the first few months without her. It seemed like she was able to read my mind, stepping in when needed, but also knowing when I needed space and time to figure out my new little creature. Her ability just to listen to me talk things out and process the influx of information that comes with being a new mom was amazing. She was equally as helpful for the birth of my second child in July 2017. Jamie was completely judgement free, and offered advice in the most supportive and caring way. She really understands that just because something worked for her as a mom, it does not mean it works for everyone, and is able to help you navigate your own path for you and your little bundle of joy." - Aly, Gwen, and Clara

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