Childbirth Education Classes

Class Overview

We offer private childbirth education classes taught in the comfort of your home. This allows us to tailor the class according to your specific needs and topics of interest, and help you customize birth preferences that work best for you. In the childbirth education class, we teach evidence-based information and we cover materials from well-established childbirth methods such as Lamaze, Bradley, as well as concepts from the Hypnobirthing/Hypnobabies method.

Childbirth Education Topics include:

  • Emotions and expectations around birth

  • Preparation for birth (Optimal Fetal Positioning)

  • Signs of impending labor / beginning of labor

  • Understanding the purpose of labor sensations and birthing process

  • Stages and phases of labor

  • What is measured during a cervical exam?

  • Labor positions and comfort techniques

  • Medications available during labor and birth

  • Common interventions in childbirth

  • Preventing an unnecessary cesarean / indications for a cesarean

Childbirth Education fees:

  • Childbirth Education Intensive class: 4 hours session for a fee of $400

  • Childbirth Education Refresher for 2nd timers OR VBAC preparation: 3 hours for a fee of $300

  • Childbirth Education and VBAC Preparation (for VBAC parents who didn’t take a class before): 4 hours for a fee of $400

Private in-home sessions are run by Narchi.

Breastfeeding and Infant Care Class

Class Overview

In the comfort of your own home, we teach the family how to address baby's needs early on while the 2nd half of the class is dedicated to getting breastfeeding off to the right start.  

Newborn care topics include:

  • Expectations after your baby is born

  • What routine procedures you can expect post birth

  • Basic infant care, including bathing, diapering, cord care, soothing techniques, sleeping and feeding

  • Common health concerns, signs of illness and when to call the pediatrician

Breastfeeding topics include:

  • Expectations on feeding a newborn and how to successfully initiate breastfeeding

  • Tips on how to encourage and protect your milk supply

  • Common issues that arise and when to reach out for additional support

  • Hands on practice of some breastfeeding positions

Class fees: 

Private in-home sessions are taught by Sam, our certified lactation counselor, and run about 2 hours. The fee is $200. 

Back to Work Coaching

Class Overview

Heading back to work after your maternity can leave you feeling overwhelmed and stressed.  We're here to help you navigate and ease the transition of going back to work with a little one at home.  -


Back to work coaching topics include:

  • Emotional adjustment to life as a working mom (concerns/fears)

  • Pumping at work: understanding your rights, how to, storing, transporting

  • Communicating effectively with caregivers

  • Communicating effectively with your manager

  • Nourishing your baby (and you): paced bottle feeding, meal planning

  • Time management

  • Finding balance

Class fees: 

Private in-home sessions are taught by Jamie and run about 2 hours.  The fee is $200.