Intermediate Birth and Postpartum Doulas

Sam and Erica


Sierra and Francie



Sam found her way into doula work through her passion for reproductive justice. As a natural advocate and a strong believer in a woman’s right to decide what happens to her body, the volunteer doula program at a local hospital caught her attention. After serving over 100 hours and attending her first few births at NYU Winthrop hospital, she knew she had to pursue this work full-time. Her doula support revolves around building a strong foundation of trust and understanding with her clients. She provides unbiased, evidence-based information so her clients can form strong intentions for their births, and she walks them through how to advocate for themselves so they can be open to whatever birth they were meant to experience. Sam ensures her clients know their options and helps them communicate their wishes to their medical providers so they are in control every step of the way. She has a degree from Colgate University in Psychology and Sociology and is a Certified Breastfeeding Counselor. When she’s not working, she’s cuddling with her dogs, boxing, or baking (usually bread for postpartum visits!)


Erica has worked in women’s health for many years and has always been fascinated with pregnancy and birth. After many years as a childcare provider for newborns and infants, she made the transition to become a doula. Her choice was solidified after the birth of her niece - seeing how amazing and powerful her sister was during labor and birth. Erica is elated to devote her time supporting and encouraging mothers and families as they prepare to welcome a new baby to their family. Erica holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Maryland in Behavioral and Community Health. She is a Certified Birth Doula through DONA International, a certified HypnoBirthing® Doula, and a Certified Childbirth Educator. As a doula, Erica aims to guide families through labor and birth by providing a calm, supportive, and encouraging environment. She does this using comfort techniques, massage, encouraging words and mantras, and essential oils.


Sierra is a native New Yorker who has been passionate about supporting families since witnessing her first birth seven years ago. Sierra is a  DONA trained doula and has worked as a prenatal and reproductive health educator in health centers throughout New York City. Most recently, she served as the Health Program Coordinator for a community based organization in rural Ghana, focusing on programs developed by community members and related to maternal and child health. Sierra is passionate about creating the space for families to feel in charge and supported from pregnancy to parenthood. She believes in listening deeply as families navigate their individual experience and a larger health system. She is thrilled to be working in collaboration with the amazing doulas at NYC birth village. Sierra received her B.A. in Creative Writing from Goucher College and loves writing, reading, dancing, seeing people create, being outside, hanging with the people she loves, and exploring both new and familiar places.


Francie is a mom of two who lives in Harlem. With 14 years as a middle school teacher behind her, she has discovered a new calling after giving birth to her kids. She is a birth and postpartum doula who has trained with both DONA and Doula Trainings International. She is currently training to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). She is dedicated to helping parents have more power, more freedom, and less stress. Francie has been called a “360-degree listener;”  ensuring that each of her clients feels heard is supremely important to her. Francie loves yoga, meditation, reading, writing, traveling, being outdoors, riding her bike, her large extended family, spending time with friends, date nights with her husband, and food. A native of Virginia who somehow still says "you guys"* instead of "y'all,” Francie graduated from Duke University and earned Masters Degrees from Pace University and Bank Street College of Education. Among other aspirations, she hopes to become a midwife one day.

Packages for either team of doulas:

  • $2,300 (birth support and 4 postpartum visits over one month)

  • $2,000 (birth support and 2 postpartum visits over the course of the first week home)

  • $1,800 (birth support and 1 postpartum visit in the first week home)

Intermediate Postpartum Doulas

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Every birth marks a new beginning for many elements of life, and I desire to honor, empower and celebrate each family’s journey. From pregnancy to parenting the information and techniques can be overwhelming, and I help families curate an informed experience that is based in joy and works to eliminate fear. I desire for families to know the intimate truth about bringing a new baby into this world and the surprising ways that our lives are changed.  My passion for birth began while researching for the birth of my 2 children. Learning about birth transitioned from a hobby to a calling. I support families through any style of birth, and hope for each family to have the best new beginning possible. My degree is in Communications, with a background in non-profit development and youth programming. I served with AmeriCorps, and pursue continuing education opportunities in maternal health, child development, trauma, positive parenting, & wellness. I am trained as a lactation counselor. I love applying what I am learning to provide research-based support.



Brianna and resides in Bed Stuy with her husband, two toddler sons (18 months apart) and mother-in-law.  She’s a postpartum doula and trained breastfeeding counselor. While pursuing my undergraduate degree she developed a love for informing and encouraging her peers as a Student Health Advisor. She graduated with a Public Health degree from Davidson College in 2011. Upon graduation, she was a Clinical assistant in a Urology office and Registrar in the emergency room. Both opportunities were incredible experiences where she learned a lot. However, neither career filled the void of coaching and education that she so longed for. Having children opened her eyes to the lack of compassionate individuals to help support and educate parents in the postpartum period. Once she learned about the great work that postpartum doulas do, she started the certification process with DONA and has been loving what she does ever since! Her hope is that parents who work with her leave empowered, well-equipped, and more aware of the village that is eager to serve them.  When she’s not doula-ing, she loves to garden, spend time with her family, take lots of pictures of her sons, and walk around in nature.

Brianna and Jill book packages starting at 6 postpartum visits for $120/visit including a prenatal visit at home to review expectations, make a postpartum plan and do a walk through of your space.  The prenatal visit is up to 2 hours while each postpartum visit is up to 3 hours long. Contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation here